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The Mission of Haverhill High School is to produce self-directed learners who read, write, and speak effectively in Standard English and who apply analytical and technological skills to interpret information and problem solve.

  • BACE Acedemy–Digital Art Contests

    The advanced Photoshop/Illustrator students continue to enter contests. They are submitting their art on designcrowd.com. This site challenges Adobe Photoshoppers and Illustrators to take a drawing and transform it into digital art or to take a theme and make digital art by changing and adding to an existing photo.

    The latest contest was in Illustrator. Students were required to download the three shapes shown below and create a new drawing. Connor Judge used his imagination and his Adobe Illustrator tools to create a friendly spider otherwise known as Donovan. Connor placed in the top ten!

     Meet Donovan

    Meet Donovan

    Original Drawing

    Original Drawing

    The second contest asked students to use their Photoshop skills to place any TV character in any alternative TV show. Kelsey Belanger received the BRONZE in this category coming in third! Her photo can be seen below.

    By Kelsie Belanger

    By Kelsie Belanger

    Beginner students are on the other side of the room acquiring skills to enable them to enter contests in the future. They are hopefully inspired by these winning students! For more information on Graphic Design and the pathway in the BACE Academy, please email sfinn@haverhill-ps.org or visit K35.

  • Week of February 8th

    Monday, Feb 8th

    Bowling Club, K13

    Softball pre-season workout, 8:30 pm, weight room

    Report Cards issued

    Snow Day (#2)

    Tuesday, Feb 9th

    Spanish Club, 2:05, Rm 220

    Baseball meeting, 2:15, cafeteria

    Yearbook, 2:05 – 3:00, S19 computer lab

    Gay Straight Alliance, 2:15, 117

    German Club, 2:05, Rm 222

    Wednesday, Feb 10th

    VIP meeting, 2:15 – 3:30, A4
    Softball pre-season workout, 8:30 pm, weight room
     Thursday, Feb 11th

    Art Club, after school, A06

    Comedy Club, 2:15 – 3:00, TV Production

    Parent Teacher Conference, 6:30 – 8:00

    Friday, Feb 12th

    AV Club, after school, A21 – The Band Room

    Saturday, Feb 13th

    Softball pre-season workout, 11am – noon, weight room
  • Principal’s Weekly Update- Week Ending 2/5/16

    This week has ended early with the first snow day called this new year. If you remember last year Haverhill was in the middle of weekly blizzards causing school to be canceled over 7 days from beginning of February through mid March. Last year the MCAS testing window was extended due to the many days we missed prior to the original date set. I hope this is not the start of another season like last year.

    Second term Report cards were supposed to be issued today but will be issued Monday period J. if you have access to the parent portal you can view them now. Parent teacher conferences (PTC) will be held next Thursday, February 11th from 6:00 pm-7:30 PM. Those conferences are usually five minutes apart to accommodate the many students each teacher has. if you need more time than five minutes please notify the teacher and they can schedule you a different time during the day or another day.

    Third term started January 27th. Students have been encouraged to take elective classes rather than to sit in a study hall. Students interested in peer tutoring can visit guidance to see if the times offered are the times the student have a study.

    HHS finished its Biology MCAS retests this week. Tutoring has just began for student who need to take the second round of ELA and Math MCAS retests which will be given in early March.

    Grade 10 ELA MCAS will be taken March 22nd-31st. Passing the ELA, Math and Science MCAS are graduation requirements. We will make sure they are prepared to take the test and your help is required to make sure your sophomore is in school on time.

    Grade 10 students will be participating in the vision and hearing screenings starting next week. Students will be scheduled for this during their Social Studies block.

    The 2016-2017 Program of Studies (POS) is being worked on at this time. At the end of March or early April teachers will begin to make course recommendations. Shortly after that students will make course requests starting with the seniors then the juniors and so on. The students in grade 8 will begin the process in May. When complete the 2016-2017 POS will be sent to Mr. Scully who will then give it to the School Committee for approval. It will be posted on the HHS web page after that happens.

    Classical Academy letters were sent home late last week to students in 8th grade who took the entrance exam in November. If you have questions about the letter you received, please contact your middle school guidance counselor first, as they can explain the process as well. If you have further questions please contact me @ bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org or the Director of Guidance, Jami Dion @ jdion@haverhill-ps.org

    Finally, this week as you all know there was an incident that occurred after the Junior Varsity Hockey team’s practice. Please keep in mind that all of our students are children. Children sometimes make poor decisions. They disappoint us. However, these decisions do not define them or their four years here. These decisions become opportunities for all to learn and grow.

    Enjoy the week-end!

  • Principal’s Weekly Update- Week Ending January 29, 2016

    Second semester started Wednesday, January 27. Second term report cards will be issued Friday, February 5th period J. Parent teacher conferences will be February 11th from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. Students will be given forms to schedule parent appointments. Please email the teacher directly if your student does not sign you up for an appointment.

    Second term brings some new course offerings. Daily announcements have been made informing students that we still have some elective courses with open seats. The add/drop period will end Thursday, February 4th. This term we are providing MCAS Math tutoring for students in grade 10 who have a study hall. Tutors will work three days per week with the students providing targeted interventions. A peer help center will begin in the next week or so. Peer tutors/helpers will be available certain periods to assist students who need help in the core academic areas. I am hoping to expand the help center to be staffed for seven periods in the near future.

    Administration and staff have been working with individual students that have seem to be off track academically. This includes students with frequent unexcused absences, failing grades, etc. We arrange meetings with students and parents for the purpose of implementing intervention plans intended to get the students back on toward to graduate in four years. Please contact your child’s teacher or guidance counselor if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s academic progress.I encourage parents to get access to the school brains parent portal where you can view daily student assignments and grades. The student portal has recently opened up as well. HHS sends a daily robocall to students who are absent from school. If you are not receiving these calls please review the contact information that is in the portal or contact the main office secretaries who can check to see if we have the correct phone numbers and emails. Staff emails are in the portal as well as on the website under each academy. If you do not receive a response please contact me via email @ bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org or call the main office and I will follow-up immediately.

    Haverhill Robotics-The team began the Zero Robotics challenge last fall competing with 171 teams. After several rounds of scrimmages, 123 of these teams were eliminated. Of the six teams from Massachusetts that participated initially, only Haverhill survived to participate in an Alliance. Haverhill secured a place as a finalist in one of 16 Alliances, made up of 48 teams, in groups of three. About half the finalists were from the United States, and half were from Europe, with one team from Australia. At MIT, after a series of elimination rounds, Haverhill’s Alliance, Kuhl-Wall-Hill did not advance further, but their score did fall at about the mid-point of the scores of all the competing Alliances from around the world. Both Haverhill’s Alliance partners, including team Wall-E from Sicily, traveled to MIT for the event. Haverhill Robotics is an activity of the Access 21 and Discovery Club after-school programs, funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Cliff Ashbrook coaches the high school program. Twenty-eight students at the high school and twelve students at Consentino Middle School participate in Robotics. Two students in Haverhill Robotics at the high school teach Robotics in the Consentino program. Great experience for all!

    HHS had a great turn out last week for our fall internship final presentations. We were fortunate to have several work site mentors, family members and friends in attendance to celebrate the culmination of the students’ internship experiences. This fall HHS, in conjunction with the Access21 After School Program had 19 students out at area businesses and organizations exploring career options to help them make more educated decisions about their futures. We would like to thank Discovery Club After School Program, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley, Haverhill Public Schools Technology Dept, Lawrence General Hospital, Megahertz Computer, ProEx Physical Therapy, Riverside Veterinary Clinic and the YMCA Children’s Learning Center for supporting these young men and women. We are now accepting applications for the Spring semester of the internship program. Several interesting opportunities are still available with the Haverhill Mayor’s office, the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and Northeast Arc. Interested students can visit our website http://hhs.haverhill-ps.org/internship-program/ or stop by Library Room 6 for more information. I want to thank Career Academy Coordinator Victoria Kelly and Internship coordinator Lisa Hunt who have expanded this program from a handful of students to 19 students this term.

    The ACCESS testing for our ELL students wraps up next week. Students take a series of tests in the areas of listening, reading and writing and speaking.

    The February Biology MCAS re-test will be administered Monday 1/2-1/4. HHS provided biology tutoring during the month of January for students who will take the test.

    Math and ELA MCAS retests will be given during the first week in March and Math tutoring will be provided after the MCAS Biology retest is completed on February 4th. We are setting up the tutoring sessions and students will be notified as to what period they will have the tutoring each day.

    In the next week or so the HHS Scholarship portal will be open for graduating seniors to begin the process for applying. We will begin announcing that it is open daily when it officially opens. I will also email all senior parents when it is open. Seniors are encouraged to look for scholarships in their Naviance accounts as other scholarships are posted there as well.

    Letters were mailed out today to all grade 8 students who took the entrance exam for the Classical Academy. We had over 150 students sit for the exam. Step 2 for the students who met the benchmark score will have to provide HHS with further documentation in the form of teacher recommendations and grade 8 transcripts. Students who did not meet the benchmark score can register for honors level courses during the registration process which begins in May for incoming grade 9 students. I would encourage all to meet with their middle school guidance counselors to discuss all of the opportunities available to HHS students.

    The HHS Girls Volleyball team is hosting a Mattress Fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday january 30th from 10:00 AM -5:00 pm in the HHS Gymnasium. All proceeds go to fund the Florida trip in late August.

    Have a wonderful week-end!

  • Principal Kitsos Presents at Haverhill School Committee

  • HHS Internship: Final Presentation Celebration

    We had a great turn out for our fall internship final presentations. We were fortunate to have several worksite mentors, family members and friends in attendance to celebrate the culmination of the students’ internship experiences. This fall HHS, in conjunction with the Access21 After School Program had 19 students out at area businesses and organizations exploring career options to help them make more educated decisions about their futures. We would like to thank Discovery Club After School Program, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley, Haverhill Public Schools Technology Dept, Lawrence General Hospital, Megahertz Computer, ProEx Physical Therapy, Riverside Veterinary Clinic and the YMCA Children’s Learning Center for supporting these young men and women.

    We are now accepting applications for the Spring semester of the internship program.  Several interesting opportunities are still available with the Haverhill Mayor’s office, the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Arc and City Councilor Andy Vargas.  Interested students can visit the website http://hhs.haverhill-ps.org/internship-program/ or stop by Library Room 6 for more information.

       Cassandra and Toni Chris

    Juliette Christina

  • Principal’s Weekly Update- Week Ending 1/22/16

    Second term marks close on Tuesday, January 26th. Students should have all incomplete work in to their teachers by then. The mid term/final exam period ends on Monday, January 25th with the make up day on Tuesday, January 27th. For the past few weeks announcements have been made to students to see guidance if they have an open period in their schedule as we have several elective courses that still have open seats. Counselors have also been reviewing caseload and calling students down that have open spaces or have studies in their schedule. Ideally, all students should carry seven classes, including juniors and seniors taking advantage of duel enrollment opportunities.

    The Lawrence Eagle Tribune published an article on Haverhill High School’s graduation and drop out rate. The article was misleading in the way they reported Haverhill High School’s graduation rate and drop out rate. The information below is taken directly from DESE’s website and is accurate in regards to HHS’s grad rate/drop out data. In fact, Haverhill High School’s graduation rate has seen a gradual increase since school year 2010-2011.

    Year Graduation Rate
    2010-2011 69.2%
    2011-2012 71.1%
    2012-2013 75.3%
    2013-2014 75.5 %
    2014-2015 75.9 %
    Similarly, the Haverhill High School drop out rate is not 5.9 as the newspaper reported but 4.7%. The chart below is shows the consistent trend downward since 2010.

    Year Drop Out Rate
    2010-2011 6.6%
    2011-2012 5.6%
    2012-2013 4.7%
    2013-2014 4.6%
    2014-2015 4.7%
    The misrepresentation of the data results in an inaccurate picture of our high school. Is there room for improvement? I absolutely am acknowledging that and as a staff we are working diligently to develop programs to meet the needs of all students.

    As part of Haverhill’s approach to substance use, this month Haverhill Public Schools will commence SBIRT Screening for our grade 9 students. SBIRT stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment. It is an evidence based prevention model used by health care providers for the early identification and potential treatment of someone with an addiction. This confidential interview opens the dialogue between a student and a counselor or health care provider. A letter explaining in more detail will be mailed home in the next week.

    The students attending the Model UN program will be holding a fundraiser to decrease the cost of the trip which is from March 2nd-5th.The fundraiser will be held at Papa Gino’s in Bradford on February 10th.

    The Classical Academy Parents group is hosting a Trivia Night tomorrow night, Saturday, January 23rd, at the Amvets on Primrose St. starting at 7:00 pm. Purchasing tickets ahead of time is $22.00 per team member and $25.00 per person if you buy at the door. Student team members are $10.00 per member. All proceeds benefit the Classical Academy scholarship fund.

    I encourage all parents to utilize the parent portal to stay current in their students academic progress. All HHS teachers are required to enter grades, and assignments into the portal. The expectation is that information in the portal is to be updated in a timely/reasonable manner. weekly is a reasonable amount of time but most teachers update the portal sooner. If you are not seeing the portal used please contact me at bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

    Have a good weekend!

  • Mindfulness Club

    Mindfullness Flyer

    Mindfullness clip art

    • Reduce anxiety and stress
    • Support immune function
    • Increase mental resilience
    • Decrease symptoms of depression
    • Improve overall mental outlook
    •  Increase overall well-being
  • Student Internships at Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley

    Throughout this Fall semester, Isabella Callahan, Rebecca Katulege, Stella Katulege and Alexus Stiles have been interning at Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley.  The students, who are Juniors and Seniors, have had the opportunity to rotate through various departments, such as Radiology, Adult Behavioral Unit, Human Resources, and their award winning Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center.  This is a great opportunity for the students to be exposed to many different areas within the ever-growing healthcare field and decide if it’s the right direction for their futures.

    HHS would like to give special thanks to Reverend Suzy Goodspeed, Director of Spiritual Care and Volunteers, for her tireless efforts at providing these opportunities to students at HHS!  Also, the entire staff at the hospital for sharing their valuable time explaining the various career options within healthcare.

    If you are a local business or organization and would like to see how you, the students, and the greater Haverhill community can benefit from experiences such as this, please reach out to Lisa Hunt, HHS Internship Coordinator, at 978.494.4221.

    Suzy Goodspeed and Alexus Stiles
    Rev. Suzy Goodspeed and Alexus Stiles

  • Business and Career Exploration Academy Thanks the Community

    The newly named Business and Career Exploration Academy (BACE) has been very lucky this school year. Many members of the community have sent in donations to help improve our pathways and course offerings.

    Men’s Wearhouse came in to give students a presentation on “Dressing for Success.” They will be putting this knowledge to use at the upcoming Credit for Life Fair 2016. Men’s Wearhouse also volunteered to host a booth and give students mock interviews. The winner in the male and female category will win a free tuxedo for himself or for her date. To thank them even more, they sent in a generous donation of $450 to help with the expenses of the Credit for Life Fair and agreed to return and give another presentation right before the fair. Lori Capra also signed HHS up to a program linking tux rentals from Men’s Warehouse to HHS. For every tux rented, the Haverhill High School class of 2016 will receive a payback. This could be very beneficial to the senior class!

    As usual, we would also like to thank Haverhill Bank this year. They continue to support the Credit for Life Fair providing volunteers and a generous donation. The bank has a long standing interest in the Fair and has also let us use their wheel to spin for “real life financial situations.” Their support of finances, employees, and connections to the community have been invaluable over the years.

    We would also like to thank DonorsChoose.com and 3M. Over the summer two proposals were put on DonorsChoose. One for books and one for drawing tablets. 3M immediately donated $500 to each of our proposals. 3M consistently shows its commitment to education in many ways. We will not forget the other donors who donated funds to help our classes.

    We are always so pleased with members of the community becoming involved in our school. Many in Haverhill consistently show their commitment in many ways. Thank you from BACE and Happy Holiday and New Year!

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