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The Mission of Haverhill High School is to produce self-directed learners who read, write, and speak effectively in Standard English and who apply analytical and technological skills to interpret information and problem solve.

  • Week of November 30th

    Monday, Nov 30th

    Bowling Club, K13

    Tuesday, Dec 1st

    NHS meeting, 2:15, cafeteria

    Yearbook, 2:05 – 3:00, S19 computer lab

    Gay Straight Alliance meets, 2:15, 117

    Last day to submit Senior Portrait

    Wednesday, Dec 2nd

    VIP meeting, 2:15 – 3:30, A4

    Thursday, Dec 3rd

    Art Club, after school, A06

    Comedy Club, 2:15 – 3:00, TV Production

    Coffee House, 7pm, Library

    Friday, Dec 4th

    AV Club, after school, A21 – The Band Room

  • Week of November 23rd

    Monday, Nov 23rd

    Bowling Club, K13

    Open pool 2:15 pm

    Tuesday, Nov 24th

    Dodgeball Tournament

    GLI, 2:05 – 3:00, S15

    Yearbook, 2:05 – 3:00, S19 computer lab

    Gay Straight Alliance meets, 2:15, 117

    Open pool 2:15 pm

    Wednesday, Nov 25th

    Grade 11 assembly 8:30 during period B, auditorium

    1/2 Day:  Per A,B,C,D



    The EBiT Academy has a new name and logo! We will now be known as the Business and Career Exploration Academy (BACE). We will still have the same wonderful offerings; however, when the Program of Studies 2016 is published, you will see lots of updated and improved courses.

    We are hoping to improve and expand our Digital Graphic Design and Gaming courses as well as other pathways. We will be uploading Pathway Course Sheets for parents. These sheets will include information on pathways, requirements, job opportunities, student associations, postsecondary credit opportunities and much more.

    Below you will find the new logo! If you have any questions about the Academy, please email sfinn@haverhill-ps.org

    New Academy Logo

    New Academy Logo

  • High School Quiz Show Audition 11/15/15

    High School Quiz Show

  • Principal’s Weekly Update- Week Ending 11/20

    The month of November is flying by. Thanksgiving is next week and students will be dismissed on 11/25 @ 10:30 AM. The schedule for 11/25 will be periods A-D, with D being abbreviated ending at 10:30.

    Parent teacher conferences are being held tonight, 11/19, from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm. The original date sent out over the last couple of weeks on my weekly update said 11/19 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. The new contract for teachers had adjusted the times for conferences to 90 minutes. I was not aware of this adjustment in the contract until late Tuesday, and the sign up forms had already gone home. Teachers have been able to either keep the time or reschedule to another time. Students should be bringing home the completed schedule for you to have so you can follow the scheduled appointments tonight. If your child does not bring home a schedule, please email the teacher directly to set up a time. The teacher emails are listed on the HHS website or contact the school directly and we can give you the teachers emails to communicate with.

    Another issue I would like to address is the Class of 2017’s planned recycling fundraiser that was supposed to occur on 11/7. There was a miscommunication between HHS and the company, that ultimately led to the truck not showing up here at HHS. The recycle company has made a donation to the class of 2017 because of the miscommunication, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you to all for being understanding of what happened.

    With the start of second term, I want to reiterate how important attendance is. Students that are absent from the school day more than 6 times without supporting documentation, (doctor, court, funeral, etc) to excuse the absence will have administrative failure for their grades. Students who attend school but are absent from class more than 6 times will also receive administrative failure for those specific classes as well. Students must be in class by 7:25 when first period starts. Every three tardies less than 15 minutes equals one absence and any tardy more than 15 minutes late equals an absence. I know that there is much traffic around 7:15 am, so dropping your child closer to 7:00 when traffic is lighter can be a solution as well as sending your student in on the bus if there is bus service can alleviate some of the excessive traffic.

    Seniors completed the Accuplacer assessment in both reading and math a few weeks ago. The purpose of this was to identify any student that would need to take a remediation class in college. Remediation courses in college, cost the same as a credit bearing class, but students are not awarded credit. Yesterday, HHS mailed home the results to parents. HHS will offer the remediation in two ways. For some classes where there were many students that did not meet the benchmark, the whole class will go to the computer lab on a regular basis and utilize the skill building online program. Students in these lasses that met the benchmark required scores, will work on the program but will be completing higher level skills activities. In classes where there were few students who did not meet the benchmark, those students will be allowed the opportunity to complete the program at home or during a study here at HHS. The program is being used by many schools in Massachusetts and have helped students reduce the need for remedial college courses by 50%. As a parent who has paid for their children’s college courses, I know how costly college is and do not want students to have to take the non-credit bearing course. Please contact me if you have any questions about this opportunity for our seniors.

    Friday night, 11/20 the Senior Class presents Deathtrap under the direction of Mr. Joe Gori. Mrs. Sue Blim has worked with other students on the beautiful sets being used as well as the costumes. Our AV club under the tutelage of Mr. Gene Fontaine and Mr. Dean Tsiropoulos will ensure the sounds and lights are on for the performances. Please come and support the very talented HHS student performers. The times of the performances are listed below. General admission is $8.00 and Senior Citizens and students are $5.00.

    On 11/15/15, Mr. Eldridge and Mr. Hayden took 4 of our students and auditioned for the High School Quiz Show. We will find out Monday, 11/23 if we make the televised rounds, The students are: Ben Roy, Louis Oller, John Burgess, and Grace Azzarito. Good Luck to all involved.

    Please visit the HHS website for the names of the October Students of the Month! Congratulations to all who were nominated!

    I want to take a minute to wish all of our students, their families and staff a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving! For me, it a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of students and their families as well as the very dedicated staff here at HHS!

    Important dates:
    11/19- PTC- 6:00 pm-7:30 pm
    11/20- Deathtrap- 7:00 pm
    11/21- Deathtrap- 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
    11/22- Deathtrap- 2:00 pm
    11/25- Early dismissal- 10:30 am
    11/30- School re-opens

  • Principal’s Weekly Update-Week Ending 11/13

    HHS will distribute 1st term report cards Friday, November 13th during period J- (1:15- 2:05 PM). Parent teacher conferences will be held next Thursday, 11/19 from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM. Details on how to schedule an appointment will be sent home on Monday. Attendance is important and as mentioned in previous weekly updates absences can and will effect a students grade. Students with more than 6 undocumented absences will receive and administrative failure. Students who miss more than six classes will receive an administrative failure for that specific class. Students arriving to school after 7:25 are considered tardy. If students arrive over 15 minutes late to class it is equal to one undocumented absence in that class. Every three undocumented tardies less than 15 minutes late will be counted as one undocumented absence. This information is explained in detail in the student handbook which was given out to students in early September. There is an appeal process and the forms are available in the main office and in the guidance department.

    The Accuplacer results for seniors will be given out in the next week or so. Students who do not meet the benchmarks set by the community college will be given an online remediation course of study to complete. Some students will be completing the program during the school day while others will be able to complete the program at home. The benefit of this is that these students will not need to take remedial courses in college that cost the same as a credit bearing course but the student does not get credit. These students will take the Accuplacer again on the spring and hopefully the outcome will be that the student meets the benchmark and has the skills to be college/career ready.

    On December 14th, HHS hosts “On the Spot Acceptance Day” with NECC. A NECC representative will be at HHS and meet with students who are interested in attending NECC. Students will be walked through the application process and will receive their acceptance notice right then and there.

    This Saturday 11/14, grade 8 students interested in attending Haverhill High School’s Classical Academy will be taking the entrance exam. The exam will be offered at the four public middle school. Registration was online. Over 200 students have signed up to take the exam. The exam starts at 8:30 AM and should be completed by noon. Results will be available in January. All students will be notified by letter if they have met the qualifying score or not. students who meet the score will then have to provide transcripts and letters of recommendation from their current teachers.

    Today, 11/12 was an extremely busy day. The German Consul General Herr Ralf Horlemann visited students at HHS for the afternoon. Mrs. Brenda Simblaris, German Teacher and Mr. Zach Simmons, A history teacher,invited him to meet and speak to our students that participate in both the German and International relations courses.
    HHS also experienced three fire alarms today. The first was a scheduled drill around 10:00 am. The second occurred around noon when an unknown student(s) lit a small pile of paper towels on fire in one of the boy’s bathrooms. The fire was immediately put out by a custodian but the smoke set off the alarms. HFD arrived and ensured that all was safely extinguished. While the HFD was still in the building, the alarms sounded again. We announced to all to disregard the last alarm as it was just residual smoke that hit the detectors. HHS is working with police and fire officials to identify the individual(s) responsible for this disruption. They will be held accountable with both school and legal consequences.

    Tomorrow, HHS Football will play at Trinity Stadium against Beverly High School. Please come out and support our team!Our cheerleaders do an excellent job cheering the team on.

    Next Friday, our Senior Class Play, Deathtrap will be presented. The shows will be on Friday 11/20 @ 7:00 pm, Saturday 11/21 @ 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm and Sunday 11/22 @ 2:00 pm. The admission fee is $8.00 general admission and $5.00 for Senior citizens and students. I want to thank the Audio Visual club in advance for they will be ensuring the sound and light systems are running.

    Upcoming dates:
    11/13- 1st term report cards
    11/19- 6;00 pm-7:30 pm- PTC
    11/20- 7:00 pm- Play-Deathtrap
    11/21- 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm- Play-Deathtrap
    11/22- 2:00 pm- Play- deathtrap
    11/25- 10:30 AM- Early Dismissal- Thanksgiving Break
    11/30- Schools re-open

  • Principal’s Weekly Update- Week Ending 11/6/15

    Its hard to believe November is here with the beautiful warm weather we have been experiencing! The MCAS ELA Retests were given 11/4-11/6. Math MCAS retests will be given 11/9 -11/10. HHS MCAS 2015 scores were mailed home last month. Please call the school if you did not receive them and we can send you out a copy.

    Mr. Cliff Ashbrook has really worked hard with the Robotics club. Back in September, Haverhill Robotics registered for Zero Robotics, a MIT and NASA sponsored programming competition. Since then, our team has been working together to write code in order to qualify for various rounds. The students have had to work in the programming language of C++ and have taught themselves the physics and math in order to program 3 dimensional robots that will eventually be run on the International Space Station. This past Friday, our team submitted the final version of our code along with 128 teams from around the world. We learned early this morning that we were one of the top 83 teams (77th) to qualify for the next round of the competition, the alliance rounds.On November 7th, a representative from our team (L. Oller) will take part in the formation of alliance teams. Alliance teams consist of three individual teams from different schools and different countries. After that, our team will have to work within our alliance team in order to submit code for the final qualifying round. 28 alliance teams will then be cut to 14. The 14 remaining alliance teams will have their code sent to the ISS to be run on space robots (SPHERES) by astronauts and our team will be invited to MIT to watch the results live. This is a very exciting opportunity for us. Our team began with zero knowledge of competing in Zero Robotics and have come very far. This has been completely student led, strategized and coded. More information about Zero Robotics can be found at http://zerorobotics.mit.edu/what-is-zr/

    The Class of 2017 is hosting an Electronics Recycling Drive on Saturday, November 7 from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.here at HHS. All accepted items are under $25.00 Some items are free. The prices for each item will be posted on the website tomorrow morning.

    I would like to thank the Larry Trevette family who donated school supplies as well as paper good supplies to several of the teachers here at HHS. Through this family’s generosity, we have been able to give out notebooks, scissors, and other basic school supplies to students who do not have them.

    First term marks close Friday, November 6th. First term report cards are issued Friday November 13th. Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, November 19th from 6-8 pm. Please remember that attendance is important. Students who have more than 5 unexcused absences will have administrative failure. Every three tardies will equal 1 absence. Being promoted in high school is based on credit accumulation. Students must earn the appropriate amount of credits by passing their classes as well as passing English to move on to the next grade. Details for signing up will be detailed next week.

    HHS Senior class play, Deathtrap will be presented on 11/20 @ 7:00 pm, 11/21 @ 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm and 11/22 @ 2:00 pm. Please come and see the very talented students as they perform in this show.

    Classical Academy testing is all set for November 14th from 8:30-12:30. Parents of the students who registered should have received an email from the Guidance Director, Jami Dion with information about the exam. If you know someone who has not, please email Ms. Dion at jdion@haverhill-ps.org

    Accuplacer for seniors finished up last Friday. Results are being reviewed and students who did not meet the benchmark will be provided an online remediation program that is tailored for their identified areas of weakness.

    Looking far ahead into the future, January 13th HHS will host a college financing information night here at HHS. This workshop will be a great opportunity for parents of all grades to learn about college financing.

    Important Dates:
    11/6- 1st term grades close
    11/7- Class of 2017 Electronic RecyclingDrive
    11/13- 1st term report cards issued
    11/19- 1st term PTC
    11/20-11/22 HHS Senior Class Play
    11/25- Early Dismissal for Thanksgiving break

  • Cakes by Erin provides Job Shadow Day to HHS Student

    The HHS Internship Program would like to thank Cakes by Erin for opening their doors to one of our students interested in pursuing a career in baking and artwork.  Cakes by Erin was a great fit for Keisha Lebron who is a gifted artist and baker!  The Job Shadow Day confirmed Keisha’s interest in this field and she hopes to explore it more in the near future and gain additional experience to include on her resume.  If you haven’t sampled the culinary creations of Cakes by Erin, don’t hesitate.  The cupcakes that we purchased were so delicious we couldn’t even wait to try them before taking this picture!

    If you are a local business or organization and would like to see how you, the students, and the greater Haverhill community can benefit from experiences such as this, please reach out to Lisa Hunt, HHS Internship Coordinator, at 978.494.4221.

    Cakes by Erin

  • John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Class of 2016

  • Business and Career Exploration (BACE) Academy

    The EBiT Academy is being renamed! The new name will be the Business and Career Exploration (BACE) Academy. We will continue to cover all the same classes and maybe add a few more choices! Business/Accounting is an ever growing career and students on this pathway visit finance/accounting colleges, listen to public speakers, and participate in the annual Credit for Life Fair. They also have a chance to certify in the NEFE program. Other Career Exploration areas (pathways) include: Woodworking where students can earn a certification in OSHA; Culinary where students can earn a certification in ServSafe; and Cosmetology where students can earn a certification in Barbicide. Students can also explore graphic/digital arts. In this class students will learn graphic/digital arts programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. They then enter contests and even bid for jobs. This will give them a “real life” opportunity to see what a graphic artist has to face. They will all end up with an online portfolio of their work. Other areas of career exploration include: Television Production, Web Design, and Fashion and Sewing.

    For any new or existing students and parents, if you have any questions about enrolling in this Academy, please contact Susan Finn, Dean, at sfinn@haverhill-ps.org

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