Haverhill High School Early College

Early college programs enable high school students to take FREE college courses that offer credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree. This model meets the needs of historically underserved students by leveraging the assets of our state’s higher education system. These programs ultimately reduce the time and cost of degree completion while giving young people the confidence to succeed in college.

As of September 2020, there have been over 200 Hillies who earned free college credits while enrolled in Early College.




Early College Promise

Committed to reducing barriers to higher education

The Early College Promise Program is a supported first year transition program that maximizes college credit earning potential at no cost to the student.

It is a one year extension of the Early College partnership between Haverhill High School and Northern Essex Community College expanding the opportunity for students to earn an associate degree or transferable credits to a four-year institution. 


  • 1:1 Meetings with Early College Promise Coordinator 
  • Cohort Workshops that include topics such as academic and student support review, transfer process, career planning
  • Access to all NECC services and resources

Additional Benefits

  • Financial Support:
    • Fall and Spring semester tuition and fees to support the students’ progress towards the completion of a student’s first associates degree within one year after HHS graduation, unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional funding may be available for Summer Session I.
    • Textbooks
    • One laptop computer at the start of the program if needed
  • Ability to follow the Mass Transfer pathway to support the completion of a bachelor’s degree as a Massachusetts state college or university

Contact Information:

Amanda Wells, Early College Promise Coordinator
RM: 134B (HHS Library)


Early College Staff

Stacey O’Brien

Early College and Career Counselor



Edzaida Alvarez

Principal Clerk-Guidance

978-374-5700 ext. 1186