2024 School Committee Scholarship

Haverhill School Committee ~ Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830
Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2024 @ 4:00 p.m.
Submit the application form along with requested information to
or drop off in the HHS Guidance office

School Committee Scholarship Application 2024 (printable version)

Marvin, Beatrice and Paul Brindis Scholarship Fund

The balance of the income from said fund shall go annually toward defraying costs of tuition, and other necessary school expenses of a deserving member or members of the graduating class of Haverhill High School. Said recipient is to be determined and chosen on the basis of character and scholastic achievement and is to be selected by the Haverhill School Committee in their uncontrolled discretion. It is the donor’s wish that the income from this Trust be used to supplement other sources available to a particular student. Although need may be a consideration, a student shall not be disqualified merely because he/she or his/her family are financially able to assist in said student’s tuition. If the amount of income is sufficient and if circumstances so warrant it, a full scholarship may be awarded.


Nicholas Johnson Fund

To establish a fund to be known as “The Nicholas C. Johnson Fund”, the income thereof to be used to assist worthy graduates of Haverhill High School to obtain further education. The award shall be made annually, except as hereinafter provided, to one or more persons, male or female, selected by a Committee consisting of the Principal of Haverhill High School and the Superintendent of Schools of said City of Haverhill and the amount of the award allocated to each recipient shall be determined by such Committee in its discretion and such amounts need not be equal amounts. It is my wish, but not a condition or limitation on the discretion of said Committee, that, in selecting the recipients of the award, particular consideration be given to persons seeking further education relating to the retail business and that, in so far as is practical, each recipient of the award receives an amount of at least Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). The Committee, in its discretion, may carry over to the next year funds available for the award and not in excess of ($500.00) Five Hundred Dollars


Samuel and Bessie Milhendler College Scholarship Fund

Each year, preferably but not necessarily upon the recommendation of the principal of Haverhill High School, the Haverhill School Committee shall award scholarship funds to one or more graduates of Haverhill High School who are enrolled in and attending any college or university, and who are maintaining a credible academic standing; such scholarship shall not be limited to freshman year students. Selection of recipients for scholarship funds to aid in defraying expenses of obtaining a college or graduate education should be based on need, high standard of scholarship in high school, and deportment while in said high school.