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STEM is not just one course of study. Just as there are many STEM careers, there are many STEM pathways to prepare students with 21st century skills. Haverhill High School offers three career technical education (CTE) programs and five STEM concentrations.

Career Technical Education

  • Healthcare Occupations
  • Programming and Web Development
  • NAF Academy of Information Technology

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* Students must apply for admission into the CTE programs as incoming freshmen. The STEM concentrations below may be declared during their freshmen year and no application is necessary.


STEM Concentration Links


Physics students complete a lab on one-dimensional motion using the Vernier LabQuest data collection system.

A common question is, “Can I be enrolled in the Classical Academy and still complete a STEM pathway?” Yes, with the exception of the CTE options. Due to the cohort structure of both the Classical Academy and the CTE programs, students’ schedules cannot be arranged to allow for both. However, all other STEM concentrations may be completed while enrolled in the Classical Academy. As long as scheduling permits, guidance counselors can assist students in designing a path that allows them to complete both sets of requirements.

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At the Girls’ STEM Summit at UMass Lowell, students conducted water testing.

Every STEM Pathway requires a minimum of six courses (some require more) to be completed with no grade less than a “C”. There are required courses for each concentration and a list of approved electives. The required courses and the approved electives are clearly articulated in the STEM check sheets. Students may complete the STEM requirements by taking courses at the college-prep, honors or AP level.

If you have other coursework that you would like considered as part of a STEM Certification, you can file an academic petition to request that it be included. The academic petition is a document that describes the relevant coursework or activity and should include appropriate documentation such as a course description or evidence of completion.

Students are encouraged to meet with their guidance counselor to discuss the pathway options; develop a plan to ensure requirements can be met in time for graduation and submit a declaration form to declare their intention to earn a STEM certification. Only the Information Technology pathway requires an application process (completed while students are in eighth grade).

If you have any questions, please contact Guidance or the Dean of STEM.