Haverhill High School

  • Scholarship Database Directions

    HHS offers many scholarships to ONLY HHS seniors. To apply you must follow the directions below.  Please note the application deadline: Friday, April 29, 2016

    To LOG IN you will need to:

    • Log onto: https://scholarship.haverhill-ps.org
    •  Click the green LOGIN button.
    • Enter USERNAME and PASSWORD (found on your handout)
    • Click LOGIN and complete the demographic information.

    ***Click “UPDATE DEMOGRAPHICS” on the bottom of the page.


    • Click on the empty box with the word SCHOLARSHIP above it. When you click on a scholarship from the drop-down menu, the scholarship description and requirements will appear on the screen.
    • In the box below titled WHY SHOULD I RECEIVE THIS SCHOLARSHIP, type in your qualifications for each scholarship you apply to. Be brief and only address the qualification areas.
    • Click SUBMIT and the scholarship will appear below.
    • Click on next scholarship name to continue to apply for any scholarships you are eligible for.
    • When finished, print the list of scholarships you applied to. Keep a hard copy for your records and give a copy to your guidance counselor. YOU MUST LEAVE A HARD COPY WITH YOUR COUNSELOR.
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