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The humanities are the cornerstone of education and include such disciplines as English, history, world languages, classical studies, social sciences and philosophy. The study of humanities provides students with historical perspective and cultural awareness which gives them the ability to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret ideas and actions, and the courage to make choices on shared values and priorities. The study of humanities encourages students to use their imaginations, find beauty in experience, and reflect critically on that experience. And the study of humanities encourages students to make connections amongst all disciplines. The Humanities Academy will prepare students for careers in the fields of Communications, Education/Social and Physical Wellness and Law/Political Science/International Relations.

Humanities Academy Checklist 2018-19

Internship Opportunities

Deans of the Humanities Academy

Thessalea Heinrichs  – Dean of English •

Tom Jordan – Dean of History


History Dept. Faculty

English Dept. Faculty