Freshman Academy

“We don’t expect that you’ve arrived here fully formed, we expect you’ve arrived here ready to learn.” Carol Dweck

Students will

  • Set goals and track their own learning progress
  • Know how to access support at HHS
  • Use time more effectively
  • Participate in a club, sport, and/or activities
  • Investigate career opportunities and meet with guidance counselor for college and career readiness

Teachers will

  • Engage students in learning experiences that promote high achievement, develop high level thinking and make connections between academics and the real world
  • Increase parental awareness, communication and participation
  • Use common strategies across all disciplines and all teams
  • Meet daily to collaborate about student learning
  • Maintain on–going communication with parents in order to sustain student achievement

The schedule will include

  • Freshmen grouped in teams of 80-90 students
  • Classrooms located based on subject areas

Suggested Supplies for incoming Freshmen

  • Agenda
  • 3 ring loose leaf binders
  • Homework folder for Math
  • Dividers
  • Pocket folders (12)
  • Paper for binders
  • Colored pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils and erasers
  • 1 subject notebooks (4)
  • 2 subject notebooks (2)
  • Small Binders
  • Composition notebook
  • Independent reading
  • Lanyards for ID
  • TI30 Calculator- Algebra I
  • TI 83 – Advanced for Algebra II (allowed on MCAS, SAT and ACT)


The list below contains summer reading selections for students entering Grade 9 at HHS. Choose two books, one from each list, and read them by the start of the school year. An assignment will be given during the first two weeks of school, and this score will be averaged with your first quarter English grade. Some titles may be available in eBook or audiobook format at the public library and local bookstores.


MonsterWalter Dean Myers

Ender’s GameOrson Scott Card

How The Garcia Girls Lost Their AccentsJulia Alvarez

Life As We Knew ItSusan Beth Pfeffer

An Abundance of Katherines-John Green


Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought DifferentKaren Blumenthal

The Greatest: Muhammad AliWalter Dean Myers

The Burn JournalsBrent Runyon

Stronger-Jeff Bauman

American Sniper– Chris Kyle