EBiT Faculty

The mission of the Haverhill High School EBiT Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to integrate academic and occupation-related instruction, preparing them for success in life, education, and the 21st century marketplace in a supportive educational environment that will include exposure to a wide spectrum of post-graduate options, marketable skills, and job related possibilities. Students will choose from many different pathways, including business, marketing, finance, accounting, computer gaming, animation, cartoon development, woodworking, construction, web design and development, office administration, cosmetology, culinary arts, and TV production.

Students will immerse themselves into their subject, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Faculty will work with students to select courses across the curriculum that will enrich and broaden their expertise and experience. A senior year project, internship, or TA position will enable the student to showcase their abilities and skills to the faculty and business community building self- confidence and communication experience.

The EBiT curriculum is built on a successful and popular curriculum that has been in place at Haverhill High School for over ten years. The EBiT faculty, in addition to being successful educators, has worked in different business/technology settings bringing real experiences to the classroom.

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Haverhill Bank and Haverhill High School Holds Its First Credit for Life Fair

Back in June of 2013, Haverhill High School received a grant to begin a Financial Literacy Program at the high school. One of the conditions of the grant was the creation of a project/fair that would give students the “real life” chance to deal with financial decisions.  Planning for this fair began back in the much warmer days of July. Susan Finn and Lori Capra from Haverhill High School and Liz Hannah from Haverhill Bank met monthly to plan the fair. In the end it was decided that we would have about 15 booths and 60 students and the fair would be held at Northern Essex Community College on March 19, 2014.  Plans continued and invitations went out to the students.

NECC conference room was decorated and set up. Volunteers arrived at NECC at 7:30 a.m. We all enjoyed some coffee, water, and pastries before the students arrived. At 8:00 students came in and were given a folder with a sheet giving them a profession and an annual salary. They had to figure out their monthly gross and net (yes, they had to pay taxes!) and then decide how to spend their money. The following community members and Haverhill Bank employees ran booths dedicated to furniture, insurance, nutrition, vehicles, community service, and much more: Sean Scharneck, HHS and Haverhill Police Department; Jefferson Davis, Coldwell Banker; Lori McHugh and Mary Lynch, Cedardale Health and Fitness; Nancy Calverley, Salon 322; John Sabbagh, North Shore Community College; Ann and Beth Regan, Regan Ford; Giovanni Capato, Owner, Reach Fashion; Emily Costello, Costello Insurance; Alison Lee and Alexandra Elwell, Emmaus Inc.; Taylor Scalese, Haverhill Alum.; Dick Maguire, Maguire Pest Control; Jack Teoli, SVP of Lending, Haverhill Bank; Janet Odenwelder, Mortgage Originator, Haverhill Bank; and Marco Melo, Assistant Branch Manager, Haverhill Bank.

As students went from booth to booth, some were forced to make cuts and changes in prior financial decisions such as living with a roommate rather than living alone or buying a less expensive cable/internet package. In the end, some students were able to put money away for savings and retirement. Others were in debt by the end of the month and did might possibly be forced to take on another job to make ends meet. Still others broke even, but were happy that they were able to pay all their bills.

This was an eye-opening experience for students. Some came away with a new respect for what their parents have to do every month. Some came away with a new idea on how unimportant the newest cell phone was or how unnecessary a full cable package was. They saw how insurance, housing, food, and clothing was more important.  Hopefully, they all saw how important even a small monthly savings is to their future.