The 2020-2021 application for the Classical Academy will be available later this fall. Any student who takes the entrance exam is eligible to apply.

Haverhill High School – Classical Academy Exam

The 2019 exam date for the Haverhill High School Classical Academy is TBA.  More information on test dates and times will be available in October.  This exam will be administered to all grade 8 students attending Consentino, Hillview, Hunking, JG Whittier, and Nettle schools. The exam will also be administered at Sacred Heart for any students who register.  Testing for students attending schools other than 6 listed above will take the Classical Academy Entrance Exam at Haverhill High School.  The exam begins at approximately 8:45am.


If you have any questions please email the Classical Advisors:
Joanne Baker-
Anna Sabella-
Connor Hayden-
Zach Eldridge-


About the Classical Academy

The Classical Academy is an admissions exam school within Haverhill High School that engages academically promising students in a challenging college preparatory curriculum intended to broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills, understandings, and civic commitment. The Classical Academy creates scholars who are well-rounded, cultured, self-disciplined, critical thinkers who can compete at the highest academic levels.

The Classical Academy emphasizes: A community of learners with close, supportive connections among teachers, students, and staff; inquiry-based instruction which promotes careful analysis, creativity, independent thought, problem-solving, and informed decision-making; aesthetic appreciation; development of individual confidence and high aspirations; a fully integrated environment; regular and continuous intellectual growth; cultural linguistic sensitivity; and independent learning and research.