Haverhill High School

  • Students of the Month 2018-2019

    September 2018

    Congratulations Hillies!

    First Name Last name Course/Club/Activity Faculty Name Scholar is recognized for being:
    Maggie Fitzgibbons AP Statistics Mrs. Giampa Accepting
    Madison Constabile Bakeshop Ms. Gleason Responsible
    Corey Brown Basic Foundations of Art Ms. Gartrell Accepting
    Allison Cantelli AP Art History Ms. Gartrell Engaged
    Andres Gonzalez Earth Science CP Mr. Becker Engaged
    Delani Dorsey Business Marketing Mr. Maguire Responsible
    Emma Brown World History II CP Mr. Harvey Tenacious
    Ryan Lidiya MCJROTC Major Martin Engaged
    Alice Marvin Honors Physics Mr. Thompson Tenacious
    Brianna Harrington Honors Physics Mr. Thompson Tenacious
    Jacob Albis Spanish Señor Elliott Tenacious
    James Larson Spanish Señor Elliott Tenacious
    Matthew George Foundations of Theatre Melissa Allen Engaged
    Yrene Payano Garcia ELD Introduction to Environmental Science Ms. Bamford Responsible
    Katelyn Quinlan Anatomy and Physiology Honors Ms. Bamford Tenacious
    Nathan Johnson Lunch Mr. Morris Global
    Hector Iraheta Sports Writing and Literature Ms. DiOrio Tenacious
    Corey Brown Futuristic Societies Ms. Heinrichs Responsible
    Anesha Valdes World History II CP Mr. Craven Tenacious
    Libby Powell Public Speaking Ms. DiOrio Engaged
    Skyla Acosta World History II CP Mr. Craven Responsible
    Derrick Ross Introduction to Woodworking Mr. Hickey Engaged
    Arun Saini House Construction Mr. Hickey Responsible
    Ramon Rosario English III CP Ms. DiOrio Responsible
    Kevin Fuller Band/Guitar Workshop Mr. Tsioropoulos Responsible
    Sebastian Reyes English 1 Ms. Clinton Tenacious
    Alex Papanikolaou AP Latin Mr. Eldridge Engaged
    Jonathan Plourde Censorship in Literature Mr. Lavieri Engaged
    Daniel Lara-Quiros Instructional Strategies Mr. Lawlor/Mr. Dellea Responsible
    Julio Delgado Instructional Strategies Mr. Lawlor/ Mr. Molesso Tenacious
    Raynier Ramierez Laguard English I- CP Mr. Aiello Tenacious
    Artemisia Stamoulis Italian Cub Mrs. Diskin Responsible
    Nathalia Corrasco Italian 4H Mrs. Diskin Accepting
    Amber Paliuca Physical Education Mr. Tarbox Responsible
    Nicholas Bell Weightlifting Mr. Tarbox Responsible
    Elijah Moses PE 1 Mrs. Tarbox Responsible
    Libinson Martinez Rivera Algebra II Ms. Call Accepting
    Alyssa Callahan-Evans Intermediate Algebra Mrs. Beeler Responsible
    Jadiel Gnzalez Intermediate Algebra Mrs. Beeler Responsible







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