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  • Students of the Month 2017-2018

    Students of the Month – September 2017 – Congratulations!!

    Name Name Course Teacher Student is recognized for:
    Adriano Perez Robotic Mr. Singh Excellent behavior and devotion to classwork
    Alyssa Callahan-Evans Basic Foundations in Art Mr. Paszko Excellence in Art
    Andres Castillo Polanco Basic Foundations in Art Mr. Paszko Excellence in Art
    Anna Kouadio Spanish Señor Elliott Awesome Student
    Anna Kouadio Physics Mr. Duranceau Great attitude, demeanor, and focus on learning
    Anthony Plaza Spanish Señor Elliott Awesome Student
    Brighton Smith-Lofton English 3 Mrs. Nyamwaya Effort and Participation.
    Carlos “Carlito” Colon “Vision” Mr. David Outstanding Perseverance
    Claire Brady German 4 Mr. Feldhaus Tireless enthusiasm for the German language and culture, and the German Club.
    Claudia Miner Pre-Calculus Honors Mrs. Call Focus, academic success
    Cooper Gibbs AP Statistics Mrs. Giampa Outstanding test scores & class participation.
    Daniel Toothaker English 1 Ms. Clinton Daniel arrives to class prepared with insightful questions and an excellent mindset to learn.
    Dat Nguyen ELD Biology CP Ms. Bamford Outstanding Effort and Performance
    Domenic Castillo Music Exploration Mr. Tsioropoulos Enthusiasm in Music Exploration!
    Edward Mesa Psychology Mrs. Jones Outstanding work in Psychology.
    Ellalandra Arakelow AP Biology Mrs. Johnston Outstanding effort and participation
    Elvis Ceballos Health 1 Ms. LaBelle Always willing to go the extra mile help others out.
    Emily Warchol Healthcare 1 Ms. Rastauskas Excellent work ethic and leadership.
    Emily De Mello De Ozorio Bakeshop Ms. Gleason Outstanding Teamwork and Effort
    Emily Prendergast Latin 2H Mr. Fiorentini Outstanding Achievement
    Haley Franzen Geometry Ms. Doherty Consistently entering class with enthusiasm and always ready to do math.
    Hannah Sevene MCJROTC Major Martin/Gunny Danis Volunteering countless hours helping the MCJROTC maintain and update Cadet Records.
    Isabella Whelan Child Psychology I Mrs. Jones Outstanding work in Child Psychology I.
    Isaiah Cordova Spanish Señor Elliott Awesome Student
    Jack Sullivan Geometry Mrs. Giampa Outstanding effort!
    Janelle Soko CP Biology Ms. Blaustein Excellent effort and academic achievement.
    Janiery Sanchez Italian 1 Honor Mrs. Diskin Her enthusiasm for learning!
    Jared DiBella Medical Terminology and Human Disease Mr. Rastauskas Excellent work ethic, leadership, and class participation.
    Jayden Johnson English 1 Ms. Clinton Jayden has become a leader in class. He asks probing questions and pushes his peers to work hard.
    Jessy Hidalgo Lopez Basic Foundations in Art Mr. Paszko Excellence in Art
    Jonathan Solivan Spanish I H H4461-003 Mr. Salgado Student is eager to learn and always participates.
    Libinson Martinez Rivera ELD Biology II Ms. Bamford Excellent Effort
    Luisana Caraballo US History II Mrs. Jones Outstanding work in US History II.
    Lydia Sullivan Photography I Mrs. Polson Inspiring insight and thoughtfulness in class discussions and labs.
    Madison Walsh Basic Foundations in Art Mrs. Polson Dedication to the arts and her desire to help and teach others.
    Maria Cruz Personal Health and Fitness Mr. Nigro Positive attitude, helping other students in class
    Molly McCracken Studio Drawing Mrs. Polson Outstanding persistence and dedication to her work and her unique, creative perspective.
    Montserrat Garcia English I Honors Mrs. Baker Exceeds expectations on every assignment, every day – phenomenal student!
    Naida Almestica Health Mrs. Begley Utilizing her knowledge of learned first aid skills in a real life situation.
    Noah Johnson English III CP Ms. DeOliveira Patience, hard-work, and kindness
    Payton Collins AP Physics Mr. Thompson Payton was the only student to get a 100% on the first test of the year in AP Physics.
    Raissa Taabi Honors Biology Ms. Bamford Excellent Effort and Persistence
    Sarah Nogueras Digital Design Mrs. Polson Outstanding leadership, patience and helpfulness.
    Sean Lanigan Geometry Mrs. Schaefer Great effort and work ethic.
    Stefani Castro Geometry Mrs. Morin Diligence and Excellence in Geometry
    Tabitha Ferreira Earth Science Mr. Becker great focus, all work completed
    Tuan Nguyen First Aid/CPR Mr. Nigro Helping other students, contributing to class in positive ways
    Tyler Byram Jazz Band Mr. Tsioropoulos Going above and Beyond in Band
    Valentina Ramirez Potosi Geometry Honors Mrs. Schaefer Academic excellence.
    Victoria Martin Business Marketing Mr. Maguire Her consistent positive and thoughtful contributions to class discussions and great work ethic.
    Zac Guertin Health 1 Ms. LaBelle Outstanding daily contributions
    Zoe Martin Honors Biology Ms. Ferreira Excelling in Biology, enthusiasm and being helpful in the classroom.








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