Haverhill High School

  • Freshman Year

    Freshman year is one of the most important years in a student’s high school career.  School counselors assist students and their parents/guardians with educational, vocational, personal, emotional, and social issues. We work with students on placement in classes, course selection, adjustment to school, college and career exploration, testing, tutoring, and personal/emotional/social issues.

    Beginning in late September and early October, counselors will visit freshmen classrooms covering issues around the transition to high school, graduation requirements and how to build a strong GPA and rigorous transcript, responsible use of social media, and exploring college and career paths. Following these classroom meetings, counselors will schedule individual appointments with each Freshman student.

    In this Freshman Meeting, student and counselor will work together to create a 4-year plan for the high school experience. The four-year plan is important because it sets educational goals, maps out courses each year, identify all standardized testing a student may take in high school, and creates a direction and structure to the educational experience at HHS.

    The Freshman Meeting is also the perfect opportunity to discuss the different academies that HHS has to offer, and plan the curriculum around meeting criteria for a specific academy.

    In the spring, counselors and students meet to create next year’s schedules and re-evaluate the 4-year plan. Students will be able to complete an Academy Declaration form, review elective options, and choose the appropriate classes for their sophomore year.

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