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    Samantha Massahos
    School Counselor/Early College Coordinator
    978-374-5700 Ext 1137

    Professor Information:
    Richard Padova-U.S History II
    Northern Essex Community College, AA
    Salem State University, BS
    Northeastern University, M.Ed. School Counseling
    Salem State University, MFA

    Kate Gartrell- Exploring the Arts
    Vassar College, BA with Honors
    American University, MFA

    Jon Mangion- Intro to Psychology
    Salem State, M.Ed. & M.A.

    William Gleed-English Comp II
    University of New Hampshire, BA
    University of New Hampshire, MA  

    Welcome to Early College at Haverhill High School

    Currently running program for Juniors & Seniors already in the cohort model:

    The Early College program is an exciting opportunity for all of the qualifying students at Haverhill High School. This partnership allows Haverhill High School students, starting in their sophomore year, to take college level courses. The goal is for the students to graduate from Haverhill High School with a high school diploma and a substantial number of college credits.


    Towards the end of last school year 2015-2016, HHS had made the decision to move away from the current Early College Cohort model to the early College Concurrent Enrollment model. The model HHS currently has in place consists of a cohort being formed sophomore year through senior year. HHS English staff were interviewed by NECC Deans and based on their credentials, were then hired as adjunct professors that worked collaboratively with the NECC History, Art, Psychology and Sociology professors. Students had to be accepted to the program based on meeting a qualifying score on the Accuplacer Assessment. Admitted students paid a reduced tuition rate each year and were able to graduate from HHS with a diploma and between 24-27 college credits. Initially, the model allowed for common planning time for the HHS staff and the NECC staff formed a learning community and collaborated to plan lessons and other activities. Over the years, the professors contract changed and the professors did not have the protected time in the day to be part of the learning community. HHS’s 48 minute periods here were in conflict with the amount of time the professors contract called for. So this past year HHS and NECC made the decision to move away from the Early College Cohort Model to the Early College Concurrent Enrollment Model.

    Future Dual Enrollment Opportunities:

    HHS is in discussion with NECC to look at some dual enrollment opportunities for our students which would allow our students to take courses on the NECC campus at a reduced rate. I will keep you informed as things change.


    NECC Student Acceptance Day

    This year guidance will host NECC Student Acceptance days. During these acceptance days students can successful apply to NECC with the help of an admissions counselor! Dates to be announced soon!


    Engl Comp II HHS Fall 2016

    HHS Art 106 Fall 2016

    HIS 102 Syllabus

    From the NECC Newsroom.


    Giving high school students a head start on college – The Boston Globe

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