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  • A Message from the Guidance Department

    Tentative schedules were made available to view in SchoolBrains this past weekend.  We are in the process of balancing classes, which means that while core academic courses are scheduled, the blocks and/or teachers are subject to change.  Every student in grade 9-11 should be scheduled for English, math, science, and world history.  Students in grade 12 must have a minimum of English and math as well as any other required courses for graduation. Final schedules will be updated in School Brains by August 27th, prior to the start of the school year.

    If you have a blank spot in your schedule, please know that we are working to correct as many individual schedules as possible.  If the schedule is unable to be resolved, students will be placed temporarily in a Study Hall.  We ask that if students are placed in a Study Hall, that they attend this scheduled class until we can officially open the Add/Drop period once all other serious scheduling issues have been addressed.  We will notify all students when the Add/Drop period begins.

    Students are able to request a schedule adjustment for the following reasons only:

    • You have a blank spot in your schedule
    • You are scheduled for two classes in the same block
    • You are missing a core course (math, science, history, English, or a world language)
    • You would like to adjust your course level (move from honors to college prep or vice versa). Please be aware that course levels were recommended based on data (grades, test scores, MCAS scores, etc.).   If you are requesting a level higher than what was recommended by your teacher, you must complete a Course Recommendation Override Form that is available in the Main Office.

    During the course selection process, counselors reminded students to carefully choose their electives, as there would be limited opportunity to make any changes once schedules were created.  We do not accommodate or grant requests for schedule changes based on teacher preference, to be in a specific lunch, or for any reasons other than the ones stated above. 

    To submit a request for a schedule adjustment, click on the following link:  https://goo.gl/forms/YxGX1OkShd0AJTxH3

    Course Level Override Form 18_19

    Thank you for your cooperation and your patience!

    The HHS Guidance Department

(978) 374-3400
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